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Rocket Launchers
Let's get down to business
Low bridge? Rack Storage? Retrieving rods in heavy seas? Shrink-wrap for winter storage? A new concept that lets you tilt the rocket launcher down to remove your fishing rods and then tilt it back up addresses these and many more issues. Choose from two models 48" 6-rod (MF2991) or 66" 10-rod (MF2993). With stainless steel gas springs to assist you. 

  • Drop down feature with gas assist shock assist

  • Holds 6 or 10 rods

  • Also included: 2 each 6" mounting tracks with hardware and shim kit which will accommodate curved hard tops; Easily mounts to Roof or T Top

Size Matters

Available in a 48" 6-rod or a 66" 10-rod models.


The Rocket Launcher is operated with a gas spring that allows the rod holders to pivot down for quick and easy install and removal of your rods.

Catch the Species that Matter to you

Our products are designed for multispecies fishing. Whether you're after Muskie, Salmon, Walleye, Perch, Bass, Halibut, Char or something else, we've got you covered. Fish most of the seasons. And catch freshwater and ocean fish with ease. 

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