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Rod Corrals

Organize, Store, & Protect


The Bert's Rod Corral holds 8 rigged rod/reel combos of any length. Each rod can be removed individually with ease. Bert's Rod Corral slides and locks into Bert's Custom Tackle track (not included). A 3-1/2" x 6" Bert's Track is all you need. Drop and lock into floor-mounted Attwood or Springfield removable seat pedestal sockets. 

Available Bases:

Attwood base

Springfield base

Springfield Plug-in Hi/lo post

Springfield Taper end 13” post

Bert’s Base

  • Organize, Store, & Protect!

  • Fits the Springfield HI Lo Seat Base

  • Black Marine Grade HDPE Top Holds 8 rod and reel combos

  • All metal hardware is either Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum

  • Available in black or white

Installs into Bert's track

Just slide into your Bert's track and tighten 2 thumb screws for easy install.

Quick and Easy Rod Placement

Each rod sets in simply by sliding the spring-loaded latch and locking when it's released.


Prevent clutter and spare precious boat space by keeping your rods in one safe and secure location. 

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