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Let's get down to business


The Bert's Swivel Rod Tree holds 3 rods -- of any length--with vertical separation and net holder or additional rod on top. The Bert's Swivel Rod Tree swivels 360° and locks in 4 90° positions.

  • 36" tall with 3 - 45 degree Rodholders, a net/vertical rodholder in the top

  • Swivels 360 degrees and locks in 4 90 degree positions

  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction

  • Available in polished or satin finish

360° Swivel

Ensure strategic fishing-line placement with 360° of swivel. Looks into 4 90° positions!


Hold 3 rods and a net, or use the net holder as an additional rod holder! This gives you 4 rod holders in one tree and an extra chance at the trophy fish.

More Rods using Less Space

Stacking rods in a tree is the ultimate way to best utilize the space in your Bert's track. Leave room for accessories and additional rod holders!

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