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Bert's Ratcheting Rod Holder

It's time to start your adventure

The secret to catching more fish is having more lines

in the water! You'll catch more fish with multiple rods in the water and a bonus is you set the hook easier and faster. Grab the rod with one hand to pull it up to set the hook and take it out of the rod holder.


Its even easier; The Bert's Ratcheting Rod Holder does this by sliding into Bert's Track with other Bert's Rod Holders set up multiple lines to catch more fish.


A Bert's Rod Holder slides into Bert's Track in seconds - it's so easy the fish will be scared.

  • More lines means catching more fish

  • Easy and quick installation into Bert's Track System

  • Rotates 70 degrees in the track and locks in grooves so you can position your rods to stay clear of multiple lines in the water.

  • Marine grade aluminum and stainless steel construction for strength, durability and versatility

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

The Ratchet is Key to Keeping the Line Tension

The one hand motion maintains line tension when removing your rod from the Bert's Ratcheting Rod HOlder. This concept is so unique, it's patented. 

Quick and Easy Installation

This product fits into your Bert's Custom Tackle Track and is removed just as easily as it's installed. Accessories stay secure with Allen key lock down. This means no worries about quickly covering the boat or kicking off your trip. 

Catch the Species that Matter to you

Our products are designed for multispecies fishing. Whether you're after Muskie, Salmon, Walleye, Perch, Bass, Halibut, Char or something else, we've got you covered. Fish most of the seasons. And catch freshwater and ocean fish with ease. 

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